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Fonzworth Bentley and Jermaine Sain

Fonzworth Bentley is currently the host of BET’s Lift Every VoiceJermaine Sain is the host and creator of the Atlanta based talk show, When We Speak.

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fonzworth bentley jermaine sainThe First Gentleman of Hip Hop, Fonzworth Bentley, Derek Watkins, graduated from Atlanta’s Morehouse College with a bachelor of science degree concentrating in biology, then attended New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. After becoming one of the most popular maitre d’s in New York City, he raised his profile as Sean “Diddy” Combs’s personal assistant.

He later became the arbiter of good taste for Courvoisier, and Style & Fashion correspondent for Access Hollywood, covering the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Grammys. He was also named one of People magazine’s “50 Hottest Bachelors” in 2004.  Bentley has appeared on MTV’s Making of the Band 2 and in music videos with OutKast, Kanye West, and Usher. He has also appeared in two feature films, Honey and Fat Albert. Fonzworth Bentley lives in Los Angeles.
Bentley is the author of the book, Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence, and Style to Get Ahead. He released a much talked-about album, “C.O.L.O.U.R.S” featuring artists such as Kanye West, Andre 3000, Lil’ Wayne and others.
Aside from being an authority on style, manners, and Hip-Hop culture, Bentley is recognized throughout the music industry and the country as a talented artist and trend-setter.


jermaine sain fonzworth bentleyJermaine Sain is the host/ creator of a talk show called When We Speak. In addition, he has released several indie music singles such as: “Look At All You’ve Done”, “He’s Done So Much”, and “Get Out”.
After exiting the U.S. Army in 2003, as a Medical Sergeant, Jermaine began pursuing a career in music after he auditioned for American Idol in 2005, in Austin, Texas.
In 2008, Jermaine moved to Atlanta where he has had the opportunity to provide backing vocals for Kem (Grammy nominated R&B Singer) Heart (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), and Barry Manilow, as well as for companies such as Pink Ribbon Story Foundation and Verizon Wireless. He made his first music video appearance in Kem’s Glorify The King.
Jermaine’s talk show, When We Speak, caters to entertainment with a close focus on indie music professionals.

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