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Mabu’s Ark Band

Mabu’s ArkBand is an eclectic musical group that performs soul, jazz, Reggae, fusion jazz, Caribbean and African music. Mabu Brad Young, Jr. is the drummer,
vocalist and production manager for the band.

Mabu started
he band while attending high school during the 1960’s. The original band name
was “Mabu’s Madness” because of the music they were performing by artists such
as Jimi Hendrix, Sly and the Family Stone, The Delfonics, Sun Ra, JohnColtrane, as well as British rock and roll.

Mabu planned
to go to law school. And he intended to play football in college and go on to
the NFL. His back-up plan was to become a school teacher and football coach. He
did become a teacher and then Principal for the Mount Vernon City SchoolDistrict in New York.

He also has
kept his band together for 40 years, and performed in Senegal, Africa, Jamaica,
Canada and around the United States. In New York he has played at venues such
as the Apollo, Sweetwater, Windows on the World, and The Bitter End. Mabu has
worked and recorded with artists including Jeff Young, Vincent Henry, T.M.
Stevens, Teddy Stilles, Hassan Melvin Sparks, Onajie Allan Gumbs, Julio
Virella, Mike Phillips, Flip Lewis Barnes, Fred Hunter, Kay Boyd, Phillip
Hamilton and Boo Boo Monk (Thelonius Monk’s daughter).

He thanks
God for his parents and his wife, Tricia.

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