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Music is like an emotional picture for me because at any given time, a song can evoke my emotions and paint a picture in my mind.  Have you ever listen to a song and it reminded you of something?

I can listen to music and it’s almost like I’m at that particular moment all over again.  But not all music does that, some songs encourage me to keep moving….and everyone that has ever gone after a dream or is currently going after a dream knows that you definitely have to keep yourself encouraged.


That’s exactly why I love the song Up by Arrested Development.  Yep that’s right Arrested Development!!!  Often when I mention the group to people, they are not aware that Arrested Development is still together and doing music…..but they are, so check out their new album This Was Never Home.  

 When I first moved to Atlanta, I used to sing in a group and as time went on, the group began to elevate and the gigs got bigger and bigger.  I handled all the online and media promotions of the group and I felt so successful when I found out that my work was the reason that people was finding out who we were.  Then, after I had been with the group for about six years, we disband.  Initially I remember being so hurt considering that I felt that I we had so much potential.  My heart was crushed and I felt that all the work, I had done was totally in vain.  I thought that my success was driven by the success of the group and the breakup totally crushed my enthusiasm.


When I hear the song Up by Arrested Development, it actually reminds me of the time I sang with the group, but not in a bad way.  The song says, “….can’t go back to where we started. Let’s keep it up, oh the only way is up.”  Once I heard those lyrics it immediately encouraged me!  I can’t go back and change what happened or what could have been in the past but I can keep it up.  My vision doesn’t have to die just because one chapter closed….I just got to “keep it up” because the only way from here is “up!”   

This song became such a great encouragement to me, that I decide that myself and some of the previous group members should get together and do a cover…..Hope you like it!!! 

Up by Arrested Development performed by Tongela Renee, Jermaine Sain, Chester Lawrence, Hope Celeste, and K. Caprice


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