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What I am slowly learning is that everything that we want may not always come in the package that we prefer!  I know you are probably wondering, “..what in the world is he talking about?” Well, here’s why I say that.  

As a talk show host, I’m always having meetings about who I would like to have on When We Speak, how I can reach out to them, and who would be the best guest for the platform.  One particular evening I had a meeting about a particular artist and the team agreed that I should reach out.  This was perfect because this artist would be our first artist outside of the US.  But when I reached out to management, they declined my interview.  I remember being so torn and hurt.  It wasn’t like I hadn’t been turned down in the past but I really liked this artist’s music and thought they would be an awesome addition.  Eventually, I got over my heartbreak and once again continued to interview…….Then, one morning as I was reading emails I got a message about interviewing Tony Momrelle on the show.  Tony Momrelle is a British singer who lives in the UK!!!
Words can’t explain the amount of excitement that came over me… And when he and I meet it was SUPER, we had such a good time and Tony was so honest, open, and cool.  And he was indeed the perfect artist to make When We Speak officially international…..  So now I say again, “everything that we want may not always come in the package that we prefer.” 

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